Friday, May 16, 2014

stylized seating.

a number of years ago, i began putting together inspiration books/boards for the design of a coffee/wine bar i wanted to open. i definitely knew i wanted exceptional seating, out of the ordinary and frankly a bit edgy and off beat or even a little wild....
there are a number or companies/designers that offer that. i filed images away, cut out particular product from books, pasted them here and there, it was fun. i wanted people to walk through the door and be wowed. there are not many places that wow me, and i wanted that. and if i was going to do it, it was going to DO IT!

the italian company sedes regia might have been one of those seating companies i would have bookmarked. their seating is out of this world, exceptional and just, wow. sometimes you are after wow and there are companies like sedes regia that bring it. you know what i mean? happy friday friends! enjoy...

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