Monday, May 12, 2014

kisses this monday...

hey for monday, and why not throw some kisses in there too!
i love wrapping up in soft t-shirt-y wraps & soft light sweaters in spring and summer. and what perfect to hold your favorite soft sweater closed than a kiss pin? or wear one smack dab and boldly on a white summer t-shirt? or on jean cut-off pockets? so sweet!

they're offered up by the super fun etsy site rockcakes. check out more kisses here.

i hope that your mother's day was everything you wanted it to be. mine was surprisingly relaxing beyond words. just what i wanted. i sat out on my tiny deck soaking up a warm sun (bonus!), drank mimosas with my breakfast, then ended up at my favorite thai restaurant at night where my son whipped out money to pay. my heart sank. why can't it be mother's day everyday? i vote yes! enjoy...

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