Thursday, May 8, 2014


i have a tiny outdoor 2nd floor deck. so...selecting seating for it has been a challenge...
i did end up finding 2 metal chairs in a beautiful color. the color is somewhere between a watermelon and burnt orange tone. they fit and they'll do for now. but you know how it is...when you are searching for something for your own home, inside or out, you begin noticing all of that type of fabulous product out there.

this outdoor line offered up by casamania, if i had choices with no restrictions (aka tiny deck space), would be on my radar. i love the mix between timeless and contemporary in their style. i love the clean lines, the color palettes and the painted metal material which adds an inviting texture to a wooden deck space.

do you have an outdoor seating area? how do/did you outfit it? i'd love to hear! happy almost friday friends...enjoy!

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