Monday, April 14, 2014

furniture is a concept.

the swedish company kallemo has an ambition: to remind you (us) that furniture is a concept and that quality stands for accomplishment unaffected by trends...
and that shines through in their design, because as kallemo reminds us, "good quality means long-term validity." that's for sure.

new designs, while they may be cutting edge, modern or avant garde for thier time, can remain timeless or classic. for the pieces we see today, the designs we now have come to realize as having maintained a status of classic or timeless throughout the years, were once new, they were once pushing the boundaries. but if the quality is there, in the design & in the materials used, then that long-term validity has begun. i love that!

happy monday friends, a brand new start to a fresh week. i hope that your weekend was amazing! enjoy...

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