Wednesday, April 16, 2014

do you do this?

this is totally me. totally...
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and i'm not sure why. if someone asked me what would be the one thing you could change about yourself, it would be that. being able to stop over thinking... everything really. for what it does is slow me down sometimes, it prevents me from accomplishing sometimes important things. and i have moments of time when that goes away, when i feel that i am free and clear in my thinking and it's well, easy. but it's rare. in between those fleeting moments i'm ocd, i'm over analytical to a fault and it's frustrating.

there are a few good points i suppose. i care alot. i want things, jobs, relationships, design, you name it that i'm involved in to be really, really great. i really do. see? i told you....do you do this? i'd love to hear... enjoy.

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