Tuesday, April 1, 2014

bombay atelier side tables.

crafted and inspired by indian traditions, these bombay atelier side tables capture my attention today...
the first 3 images, these "handi man" side tables are evocative of the indian handipot, traditionally made of terracotta or metal and used to transport an assortment of goods in india, from water to produce.

the last 2 images, the "mister chai" side tables are reminiscent of the scalloped glass tea cups used to serve tea on just about every corner of mumbai, according to bombay atelier's site. the metal forms are topped with a removable teakwood top, (if you'd like to use it as small serving table or tray, so cool!)

lately, and i'm not sure why, i'm enjoying this combination, of wiry metal and wood. it makes for an interesting dynamic, both smooth finishes yet opposing some how, some how that makes for a beautiful combination, at least in my opinion...enjoy!

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