Monday, March 3, 2014

to meet.

this monday, as we head back to work, to doing things, to meetings, to meeting people, how about a new way to meet?
for that i love these new takes on the meeting table. from long and open to intimate and on wheels, portable, move them, adjust, accommodate. and how about them, low? meeting around coffee tables? we do that, at starbucks, in lounges, at hotels, so why not do it in style, with a personal style?

german based morgen studio puts these meeting tables/places out. they describe their company and product as "a mediator between the professions of architecture, design, music, events and crafts." super versatile, super stylish and comfortable. because in the end, shouldn't meetings, formal or informal, start or end, a little bit more comfortably? yeah, they should...enjoy!

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