Tuesday, March 25, 2014

the storm...

so we are in a blizzard watch...
(image, mine)

and so what do you do (if you're me), when you know an unexpected for the end of march blizzard watch is on the horizon? you worry about birds and rabbits that already know how to feed themselves (crazy), that's what you do.

after meals, if i have unused bits of breads/muffins etc. i bag them up instead of throwing them away. and after work i take walks. so, on sunday, i took a longer walk with my bags stuffed with leftovers, to the ball of tangled branches that i see a rabbit in, just about every time, and stuffed some corn muffin pieces in there, and finished my walk on the beach near to me, throwing bread chunks to what at first were a few seagulls, that became a flock in like 2 seconds.

i know that they can fend for themselves. i do! but i can't throw perfectly good pieces of bread away, when i can make someone's day. even if they are a rabbit or a seagull. right? enjoy!

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