Tuesday, March 4, 2014

nlxl wallpaper, made in holland.

what? you want textural wallpapers to spice up your residential or commercial spaces? you've got it...
the company is nlxl and their goal is "to become the world's smallest global company." made in holland, nlxl is offering up super textural choices for your wall treatments, from looks of concrete, to vintage tin, to "remixed" papers, to visions of scrapwoods.

i'm a stickler for having or bringing texture into any environment. it doesn't necessarily have to be in the form of wallpaper. but every space, in my opinion, needs texture. whether it's in the form or natural elements such as marble or wood, or more constructed elements such as metals or wire. as your eye first roams a space, any space, those visual and tactile textural elements ground it, excite it and just plain make your entire experience all that more interesting. enjoy!

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