Friday, March 21, 2014

block printed.

friday etsy love and katharine watson hand-carved block prints today...
katharine's etsy site is chock full of bright motifs and pattern, from folk to geometric designs. linoleum blocks, katharine's choice of medium are, in my opinion, so fun to work with. i have been drawn to that medium several times in my life. working with your hands, using the tools, concentrating on the what you take away and what you leave behind can be kind of intoxicating really. you get lost in the process.

i began my college career early on as a fine arts major. linoleum blocks were one of my favorite materials to work with, besides paint. like a painting, you bring something to life. sometimes you don't even know what to expect, the end result can be very different than how you originally intended it to be. but that's why you do it. enjoy!

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