Thursday, February 6, 2014

bespoke & british.

inspired by the mid-century modern era, bark furniture, which describes it's line as "british, hand-made bespoke furniture" brings me back to my grandmother's apartment (in a good way!). and here's why i really LOVE this line...
walking into my grandmother's home was always interesting to me. it was very different from the way my mother decorated her own home. my grandmother's home was full of chunky wooden furniture (i remember she had a big wooden framed chair that when you sat it it and placed your arms and hands on the wooden arms of the chair, your hand position fell into perfectly carved out finger spaces, like oversized wooden claws!), big lamps with even bigger shades, lots and lots of oranges, reds, patterns and prints. bold and present. and wow.

this line, although more refined, sleek and well designed, brings me back to 1975, to always expecting interesting as i walked through the doors of my grandmother's apartment. to those colors, to those wooden framed pieces. to wow. enjoy!

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