Wednesday, January 29, 2014

simple chairs. by scab design.

man oh man has my style been slowly changing over the past 2 or 3 years. and it's getting simpler and simpler...
catching my eye lately are the super simple lines of super simple chairs. chairs that are sparse in their design yet interesting and timeless in their styling. in her new studio, bri from designlovefest recently incorporated some new, easy on the eyes chairs here that i LOVE!

these in particular, these techno-polymer "zebra" seats offered up by the italian company scab design are some on my wish list.

the main body has a glossy outer finish and is scratch-proof (perfect for public spaces, schools, cafes, offices, you name it!). the legs are tubular chrome steel. and if you noticed, all of the "zebra" seats offer differing leg design combinations (and come with or without arm rests). another thing i love.

ooh and one last cool thing about these seats. scab design manufactures them in parts, and each part is labeled and easy to recycle. so if you ever tire of them (fat chance!) just do your part and recycle the parts! enjoy...