Monday, January 20, 2014

green but not necessarily green.

i like these "green" pots offered up by authentics. and though they are made of polypropylene, and are green, you certainly can pick pink. or purple....how pretty would they be as a valentine's day gift with say a miniature rose plant or a favorite flowering plant of that special person? right?
i like doing things differently. especially when it comes to the holidays. and valentine's day is no different. sure you can buy the standard bouquet. nothing wrong with that. but sometimes putting a little more thought into a gift makes that gift seem a whole lot bigger some how, don't you think?

happy monday by the way...how was your weekend? my son heads back to college today, but i've sure enjoyed feeding him, exchanging funny videos & new music videos with him and listening to him improv about certain situations i bring up, to the point of having me in tears cracking up in the car. good times. enjoy!

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