Tuesday, January 14, 2014

bivaq's outdoor collection.

ok, so i'm doing it again, day dreaming over summer (or at least spring) and summer furniture...
2 summer's ago i was asked by a home owner, a home owner of a very lovely home, to bring in their outdoor furniture line while they left my part of the world for another part of the world. they would be gone all winter. the line was gorgeous, but made of teak. so....heavy.

and while teak is usually the choice of outdoor woods, for their look, their sustainability etc. they're just plain heavy. this is a refreshing line of outdoor furniture offered up by bivaq. aluminum base, removable painted polyester pads (suitable to stay outdoors year round!), high and low versions of seating as well as a lounge line. the cushions are made of a vinytex fabric, a combination of polyester and PVC compound. so mold or mildew would have a hard fight here.

so as i peruse outdoor and garden lines of furniture, as i daydream of summer, i also dream of luxury and refined qualities, but with a little more ease...and a little lighter! enjoy.

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