Tuesday, December 24, 2013

merry christmas friends.

it's christmas eve, and all week long, i've been feeling thankful about so many things...

an amazing calm has come over me lately (and i'm usually the spinning around thinking too much type of person). really it has this latter half of this year. i knew it would come, after a couple of years of emotional tolls on my family (i lost both of my parents in the last 2 years) i'm finally feeling as if i can truly focus, on what i want, where i'm going and on what lies ahead instead of what has happened.

so with that i celebrate this week, i celebrate calm, time with my son, and being very thankful for both. i hope that your christmas is feeling positive and lovely, and that you too enjoy it as much as i know i will. have a great night, have a merry christmas friends! enjoy!

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theRoundButton said...

merry christmas, with lots of calm & creativity in your life.