Monday, November 18, 2013

skandiform. scandinavian sense.

happy monday friends! i hope that you had a super relaxing weekend. i wanted to share this really great line of innovative seating offered up by skandiform...
skandiform describes their product line as having "scandinavian sense." they promote and manufacture product for office and "inspirational public spaces." what i truly love about companies and product lines like skandiform's is that they offer us new options for seating, for great design that translates outside of our residential spaces. companies like this understand that as we travel, work, play etc...we are still looking for comfort but paired with fabulous design lines.

as i notice more and more bloggers, setting up their own offices, truly creating a work space that exudes a personal style, functionality, and includes unique-to- them pieces, i am even more convinced that having choices, having furniture options and great design that works outside of our homes is equally important. enjoy!

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