Monday, November 4, 2013

old new house.

happy monday morning! today, this is a find. and because that's what old new house does, they find things. vintage, antique & original things...
melissa & dave, the curators behind old new house say that they turned a hobby into a life passion. they started out finding then selling product on etsy but now their website is their home base.

i really wanted many of old new house's finds, but i was especially drawn to the kilm pillows and the antique and rare pull down maps. how amazing would one of those maps be, alone, featured as artwork, on one wall. aaaaamazing, that's what!

i still feel that spaces need a mixture of old and new. without that mix spaces can feel dead, rather cold and somewhat sterile. the old mixed in breathes life, it breathes a past, a history, instantly to your spaces. just saying...enjoy.

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