Tuesday, October 8, 2013


i'm recently back from a few days in tennessee. i hope you'll humor me with a few photos of my time there...
we walked the streets of knoxville, looked through old photos of my dad, met my brother shane's 2 year old daughter, made funny faces with her, why not? we fed the fish in my dad's koi pond, then fed them again. and again ;)

we looked for horses, fed them apples and watched them drool all over our feet. we created an impromptu picnic in the mountains (wherever we could pull off and find a view as most of the sight seeing areas were closed due to the government shutdown...ah, yeah). we stared out at the foliage changing in the smoky mountains for a long time. for you never see the same things twice.

there was lots of running around (after said 2 year old), there was wine drinking, laughing until it hurt and sipping coffee while the morning fog cleared out of the mountains. it was a long time coming, getting back to tennessee. it's a place i'd like to spend more time. doing all of those things, again & again...enjoy!

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