Saturday, October 12, 2013

pigve. korean clothing love.

i often call my son "an old soul." and truth be told, sometimes i feel the same way. let me put it this way. if someone told me everyone on the planet was going to disappear the for the day, just one day, and i could run around and do whatever i wanted. one of things  i would do is snoop through people's attics, through old clothes, hats, things that have a history, a soul...
this new-to-me clothing line offered up by the korean company pigve tempts me with new clothing, but with an old soul feel.

there is a classic but comfortable charm about pigve's line of clothing and accessories. it's like this: if you put on one of their dresses, you feel that you might never take it off. and that you could wear it just about anywhere, and dress it up or down in just about every way possible. i love that! enjoy...

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