Friday, October 18, 2013

personality seating.

every now and then i come across a furniture company or particular designer that is creating seating, with personality...in this instance, kallemo is one of those companies. have a look!
what i mean by this is that each and every piece seems to have its own personality, its own identity. it exudes either a bravado, a quietness, a boldness or an attitude that is interesting and captivating.

i once wanted to create an amazing wine/coffee bar, with rooms full of unique, very personality based seating, every seat different from the next. nothing matching. (i literally scoured the internet, putting together inspiration boards full of hard to find seating, unusual seating) and you know why? we are all different. you could approach this seating area and select where to sit, and on what, based on what drew your personality to it. i never did build such a space. but if i find one, i'm soooooooo there. enjoy!

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