Monday, October 28, 2013

monday. & gypsya pillows.

happy monday friends! the new-to-me company gypsya is pulling at my pillow love heart strings this morning, and for some reason, i'm drawn to the red ones...
gypsya is a young company, opening in 2012. a collective of artists hand make products from organic and recycled materials. (i really like their rugs too!) gypsya also has an etsy site, here. the richness of their pattern, color and texture choices are what draws me in. and they're pillows...so...;)

how was your weekend? i dined with my son near his college. we were going go go here, but walked in and walked out. chaotic, loud, sloppy inside and just no. and it's too bad because i had been to one in the south that was really good. bummer. so we landed down the street from his college at a tiny, locally owned japanese restaurant. ethan walks there from school often and i realized after dinner, that i should just listen to him more often.

sunday i lounged around like it was nobody's business. but i did manage to get a few projects worked on that i've looked forward to. enjoy your monday!

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