Thursday, September 12, 2013

this is water.

it seems lately that some of the most related-to-my-moods and moving, sort of even earth stopping reading i'm happening upon lately come by the way of commencement speeches. seemingly appropriate since i'm smack dab in the middle of a frustrating graduate thesis proposal. at least, after reading this speech, the ways in which i'm approaching this thesis writing are only frustrating because i'm making it that way. note to self.

the late writer and professor david foster wallace is the culprit today. his 2005 commencement speech got to me today, got right inside me actually. but i'm glad it did. i needed this. i've been all over the place with my thoughts, my academic thoughts, my inability to write or get creative thoughts going nevermind flowing, they are all jumbled and without direction and it would be helpful if i finally decide to get present with my thoughts, if i utilize this time in such a way as to remember that i've been taught how to think, i have the ability to choose what it is i want to think about...i'm just not taking advantage of that...

ok, anyway, not to get too deep or introspective on you, but if you've been feeling jumbled and all about yourself lately, read on, to david foster's commencement speech here, and remember this is water. enjoy...

p.s. i found this speech via sho & tell's blog, here.

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