Monday, September 9, 2013

monday & intricacies...

happy monday friends! i hope that your weekend was amazing. i wanted to share with you these also amazing pendants, intricate in design, intricate in name...
from denmark, alexandra raben is designing these steel framed pendants (the steel frame also made by blacksmiths in denmark) incorporating coiled wire and thread, hand woven, to form "a thin surface of patterns." intricate, meaning very detailed or complex is appropriately also the name alexandra gives her pendants.

i'm really enjoying two things about these lights, the shape she chooses for the steel frame and the patterns she constructs which in turn let the light indiscriminately through. her choice of cotton thread as a medium here offers a soft and natural effect contrasting the hard frame. plus they're just really pretty. i'd love one in my bedroom. ok, maybe two. enjoy!

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