Tuesday, September 17, 2013

mattiazzi breaks a modern myth.

there are many times when i happen upon really great design and decide immediately that the design lends itself to any setting, residential or commercial. when you happen upon great design the feeling is easy, it's fun and you are always in a little bit of awe. even from a set of chairs...
these "solo" chairs offered up by mattiazzi break the modern myth that mechanized manufacturing is not a craft. and here's why...

i think we are conditioned at this point in our culture to sometimes take things for granted in many ways, even in the design world. as crazy as that sounds. and every now and then, there are little reminders that actual people are designing product, actual people are sometimes still creating the pieces you are drawn to, that you are utilizing, displaying, enjoying...all by hand. and if a little help from mechanized manufacturing enhances and steers the hand, well, this is what you end up with. an amazing product line that not only stands out, it's exceptional. and yes i'm still talking about chairs. but that's the point.

if you are like me and actually find yourself in awe of the process of designing, the process of creating, take in this video by mattiazzi, about their process, about the ways in which they think about design, the ways in which they get to their end result. amazing chairs. enjoy!

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