Friday, September 27, 2013

have a super weekend.

happy friday friends! i hope that you have a really great weekend!
i've been working alot, between, well, work, and graduate work. but in between all of that, i'm hoping to get a walk on the beach. one of my favorite beaches, when i walk it at low tide, reveals bits and pieces of broken china. as in plates, dishes, etc. beautiful little pieces of china. some have painted bits of scenes or flowers left on them, some have raised patterns, some are just plain, still with their smooth shiny glaze in tact.

i have fun collecting them, (right now i just have piles of them until i figure out what to actually do with them one day) i imagine or wonder where they came from, how they ended up in the sea. who threw them there? what stories they tell. i don't know why i pick them up, it just seems such a shame to leave them there. they're so beautiful...enjoy!

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