Wednesday, September 4, 2013


i could have posted about everything that matteo ugolini creates, every. single. light. and all of it, is in white...
what matteo does so eloquently, besides creating amazing lighting, is he uses the wall equally as his canvas. he sculpts pieces for the wall as well as for each piece alone. some of matteo's lamps appear to become one with the wall on which they are placed leaving an entirely different dynamic to the space before he and his designs were there.

how matteo designs is special. you could literally take a blank space, residential or commercial and just with the addition of matteo's designs, literally transform the space before one single piece of furniture or color or anything else is introduced. i love that. that's what lighting does. it's powerful, if you let it be.

how is your first week of september? i brought my son to college yesterday, beginning his third year, meeting a new roommate, packing less, seemingly more excited than last year and wearing a bowler hat. that's ethan. and i love that! enjoy...

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