Friday, August 23, 2013

pink, unexpected.

this entire line, offered up by the italian company fratelli boffi is over the top unusual, incorporating a sculptural play on just about every piece...
each of these pieces, designed by ferruccio laviani, utilize hot pink, in unexpected ways. and i chose them because they are each evocative of very different times.

the top piece, this "f table" is drenched in fluorescent fuchsia so thickly that the surface appears to be a plastic coating. the solid, hardwood legs reveal drips and drabs of the same pink paint. this piece is modern, abstract, sculptural and fresh.

the bottom piece, this "w(hole)" louis xv inspired sideboard in mahogany is reminiscent of all things opulent, yet hinting toward the modern and away from the past. the abstract nature is all revealed in this particular piece by incorporating the same fuchsia paint, bored into a disappearing hole, the visual form of this is intense.

when researching designers and designs i love being wowed, i love being surprised and kept off guard. if you are in need of a wow moment or piece, boffi is certainly designing all that you can handle. enjoy!

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