Monday, August 5, 2013

monday. and dresslight.

hey friends, it's back to monday and it's back to lighting: one of my favorite design topics! and i love this new-to-me company from spain, dress light...
dresslight defines their company and mission as a "pioneering initiative noted for its excellence in quality and service." dresslight offers up unique and made to order product for specific and particular clients. and you know what? when it comes to either renovating or transforming a space, whether residential or commercial, lighting is a large part of where it's at. lighting can be one of those defining factors, it can set the stage, it can really alter (in a very good way if designed correctly!) the space.

lighting to me is as important as the color palette you choose, as important as the design of the space really. because lighting truly is one of those essential parts that you cannot live without, so why not live with it in a very spectacular way. in my opinion anyway!

i hope that you all had the kind of weekend you were looking for and this monday finds you happy and ready to go...enjoy!

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