Monday, August 26, 2013

monday. and blimp rizzy.

this monday morning, i'm loving the style and patterns of these handmade clutches offered up by blimp rizzy...
michelle maquire named her business after her italian american grandpa's best friend "the late great elio 'blimp' risaletti" or blimp rizzy. get it? got it.

these minimalistic clutches are all about the pop, the pattern, the color and the vibe. i. want. them. all. period. ;)

how is your monday starting out? mine? ah, it started with a dead car battery (i could tell it was getting "iffy" by the way it was starting lately, but i'm one of those people who puts off that sort of thing until it is absolutely necessary.) so today, it was absolutely necessary.

luckily there were guys near me working on a house, i asked if they had jumper cables and one guy said "well if not, i can make them." what?? "i'm an electrician," he said. okay....

but alas they had some. sooooooo off to the auto parts i drove, left the car running and was in and out in no time. not the best start to a monday, but not the worst either. hope your morning is going along a little smoother than mine ;) enjoy!

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