Friday, August 16, 2013

mixing it up this friday.

happy friday friends! i've always loved the fashion features on miss moss's blog, but this one, takes the cake...
miss moss features natalie joos' ability to access and shoot diane von furstenburg's "immense archive." you can read more about the belgian born natalie, here (and see more on the site shoots of diane's fashions and interiors too!).

the intentional mixing of bold patterns and equally bold color palettes has my head swimming with ideas for how i'd like to pull this/these looks off. i'm certainly not afraid to mix it up, i really never have been. what about you? would you be so bold as to combine these types of patterns. to me, it's intoxicating ;)

what are you up to this weekend? we are going to see this, (it's getting insane reviews about how crazy good it is! so can't wait!), eating here (for a real treat!), and in between remembering each. i hope that your weekend is everything you want it to be...enjoy!

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