Saturday, July 13, 2013

some simple things...

happy weekend friends! the days have slipped away from me lately...i suppose that's what summer is about though, and that's a good thing...
( lee ufan paintings, don't touch the hair print, bangle, simple styling)

i wanted to share some simple things i'm loving lately. actually, i'm loving simple all together lately. slowing things down, looking, listening, taking in summer in every way that i possibly can.

i hope your weekend is everything (summer~y) you want it to be! what are you up to? i'd love to hear. i have today off from just about everything. there is a historical museum near me that i run/walk by and have always wanted to venture into. they just added an amazing bronze sculpture of a family sitting on a bench outside of the building. and i don't know what the family is supposed to signify. so i'm going to find out today ;) enjoy!

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