Monday, July 15, 2013

sixE. not your average stacking chair.

when you are designing spaces, places, especially those that need not or can not be so daring, so, let's just say provocative, you then need slightly traditional, casually conservative. in those situations, you (if you're like me) still want to design with flare. with a tiny bit of different. these sixE stackable chairs offered up by howe are that tiny bit of different...just, stacked.
yes they offer comfort, utility, they are efficiently perfect for those more traditional/professional spaces. but hey, those spaces do not (they should not) be void of some style, some unique perspective or flare.

these sixE chairs re-define design, they refine the more conservative spaces with a sort of wink, and a nod, to great design, to offer you a little bit of a less traditional experience whilst enjoying these spaces. and hey, if these were the chairs behind my desk at school, all those years ago, i'd be looking forward to more than just new school shoes at the beginning of the year. enjoy!

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