Friday, July 5, 2013

it's friday?

so...i don't know what happened to this week really except that it was a true, summer, busy busy week. after a day or two i realized i've barely been on my computer. which means i've barely been blogging. but also means in between work, i've been swimming, sipping wine, enjoying summer sun and breezes. so...
what about you? do you sometimes get lost in a season? which is your favorite? mine, is definitely summer. now...if i had a fireplace, winter might come in at a close second ;)

so it's also the weekend! what are you up to? i am heading straight to the beach tomorrow as i have a very much needed day off. i will be packing sandwiches, sparkling water and maybe grapefruit inspired by this fun image. oh, and down the street from one of my favorite beaches is an ice cream shop. so...enjoy!

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