Monday, June 10, 2013

pilke pendants.

happy monday morning friends! it's another fresh start to a brand new week. i wanted to share these pilke pendant lamps with you today. and because they are from finland they strike a personal chord with me...
my best friend lives in finland. she was born and raised there. i visited her a few years back and i swear that if i didn't have responsibilities here at home, i might have stayed indefinitely.

the one thing i loved about finland is the simple way fins took complex shapes and formed them into modern geometric possibilities, utilizing traditional finnish techniques. from christmas ornaments to lamps, the fins know how to decorate.

these pilke lamps, offered up by showroom finland are evocative of what i have come to know and love about finland and about the way fins decorate. constructed from numerous plywood parts, these lamps are a mix, somewhere in the middle, between traditional and ultra modern finnish design. what makes them even more interesting is the fact that designer tuukka halonen has accomplished preserving tradition while at the same time tempting us directly into the future. and making amazing lamps in between. i love that. enjoy!

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