Thursday, June 13, 2013

erik remmers level coffee table.

i've always loved when designers choose to mix materials, mediums, and utilizing wood and metal together is always a plus. there is something all the more interesting about pieces comprised of a mixture of really great textures. don't you think so?
the contemporist recently featured designer erik remmer and his "level" coffee tables. choose either a lower level table or higher. the legs are set against a natural wood tone in bright colors, straight and strong yet the rounded bottom, the way in which they approach the ground, the way in which each table sits, is light and soft.

eric's work is featured on designstudio vandaag's site here.  i imagine these tables, sprinkled around a really great exterior commercial setting, an outdoor hotel lounge area perhaps, at all different heights. the scene would be inviting, and interesting to be sure. your drink would maybe taste a little bit more delicious placed on one of erik's tables. maybe...enjoy!

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