Wednesday, June 5, 2013

a curious couch.

the really great gblog featured this curious "poppins" couch and it's designer alessandra baldereschi recently.
kimberly li of gblog offers that as it can be a bit tedious to re-arrange, place or deal with throw pillows scattered across your favorite seating area, so alessandra baldereschi created an alternative. in which the throw pillows (or parts and pieces of them) are placed within the couch. permanently. never moving, never shifting, they are there. no matter what.

i think that the idea is certainly cool and the couch becomes rather sculptural as a creative result, but...i would have a hard time never changing out the look & feel of my throw pillows. i do indeed have a pillow problem. i've freely admitted that here on this blog. so this couch may be a very interesting addition to seating spaces, residential or commercial, but they never take the place of finding just the right pillow for your couch. then doing it again next week ;) enjoy!

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