Friday, May 31, 2013

van rossum tables.

this friday, the end of a busy week, i love the clean lines of these van rossum tables.
with names like beam and wood, these tables live up to their name. chunky/full leg support holding up an equally thick top, these tables don't mess around. they are present, they are contributing to your environment, residential or commercial. but that's what's so great about them. so great!

how are you this friday? are you feeling that it's also the end of a busy/hectic week? i think with the past memorial day weekend, working alot and trying to cram in tons of fun in between, i'm ready to slow down tonight. breathe a bit. i'm hunkering in the library today working on my thesis proposal. but a swim after that might be in order. it's sunny, hot and feeling like summer. and i love that! enjoy your friday too ;)

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