Tuesday, May 7, 2013

serenity now.

i'm hoping that your day did not start like this. so i'm leaving my favorite french cafe this morning, all happy on french roast coffee and boom. no really...BOOM. i turned on the car and i'd have sworn a small explosion occurred, to the point where my car shook. after daring to exit the vehicle and see what on earth had happened, i notice a large thick chunk of metal lying on the ground. not good right? right.

after carefully driving straight to the dealer, and finding out that one of my suspension spring thing-ys let go near one of my front tires, still not good, all i could do was hope it didn't cost alot of money, wishful thinking...sometimes that works, right? not this time. $700.00 later. yeah.
the dealer has been noticing a number of these lately on my model car and is hoping that they will recall it and reimburse me, again wishful thinking, but hey i'll give it a whirl.

so i'm needing some serenity now. and i found it through the lens of julia stotz and via designlovefest today. how do you deal with unexpected dilemmas that end up costing much more than your morning french roast? i'd love to hear. i wish i was better at it. it took me all day to calm down. geeez....enjoy.

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