Tuesday, May 14, 2013

pennyweight pretty.

this hand~cut polished brass cuff designed for pennyweight by young frankk is the perfect summer wear every day piece. they're sold out at the moment, but i'm hoping they get more in. for me. for you ;)
(photo by joe gomez)
also, how is your day going? i've had a reeeaaaaallly relaxing day. much needed. i went to the beach with my son ethan. we picked up a vegetarian sub sandwich, chips, lemonade and cookies, plunked in our beach chairs (and polar fleece, it was a little windy) and ate. and breathed. and breathed some more. we are both coming down off of tons of course work for our separate degrees and we needed it let me tell ya!

i hope you are having similar relaxed feelings today, or on your way to that...enjoy!

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