Thursday, May 23, 2013

felt carpets by karpet.

happy almost friday friends! today i'm especially drawn to these fun felt carpets offered up by karpet.
besides the fabulous design of these carpets, there is so much that is cool about the company karpet. based in zurich but with retailers abroad, karpet seeks to promote equal rights and opportunities for women in kyrgyzstan, where opportunity to prosper is currently limited and at the same time gets communities involved in the felting process, making payment directly to the producers and their families, no intermediaries. very cool indeed.

karpet is fair trade and ensures that no child labor is exploited although within the community, children do take part in the learning process of felting and composing and designing these rugs. the rugs are made from high mountain sheep's wools, some of the finest in the world.

i particularly love felt, i always have. i think it's an underutilized material, super soft and warm to the touch. and i adore the texture of it. so these karpet rugs are right up by alley. enjoy!

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