Thursday, April 11, 2013

perforated grid by zero.

wire hung, this perforated "grid" light by the really cool lighting company zero is really cool itself. kind of edgy, industrial, the sheet metal incorporates differing hole sizes, formations. the grid light can now also be wall mounted and comes in either painted gold, a clear finish or you can opt to leave it completely raw, exposing welding affects and all. even more cool...
in a traditional or corporate setting, these grid lights would offer non-tradition, they would offer a swagger, a little bit of a leather coat and jeans look to an otherwise formal atmosphere. and that my friends, is a good thing.

i hope your almost friday is starting off with a bang! lots of energy and inspiration. after coffee at my favorite french bakery, i'm off to expend some studying energy on a run. then back to finalizing some of my paper, the last one for my graduate course...until the thesis that is!

oh! and hey, i have some interesting ideas for my thesis project. ideas which i will bounce off of you all soon and actually ask you to participate in, if you so choose ;) enjoy!

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