Monday, April 29, 2013

monday & inspired by...

happy (late) monday friends! i hope your weekend left you feeling rejeuvinated and ready to take on the world. or at least the week ;)

today i'm inspired by these "terho" pendant lights designed by helsinki artist maija puoskari and these "continuation" planters offered up by flora. each ring in spring, each ring in summery weather with their light bright whites.
the finnish lights are made from mouth blown glass and finnish alder and the continuation planters are made from zinc plated perforated sheet metal. each lovely summer additions to your residential or commercial summer spaces & places.

i've had a tough time getting going today, i hope you've had better luck. maybe tomorrow i'll have more of a jump in my step! enjoy...

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LL_Designs said...

I love the lights, they look like coconut shells. So cute!