Friday, April 5, 2013


these marble and metal tables offered up by icelandic designer olof jakobina have renewed my interest and appeal toward the beautiful & natural medium...marble.

and i especially love when two really opposite materials or mediums are utilized, together. like this.
i first noticed them on emma's design blog and i'm glad i did. take an internet stroll over to olof jakobina's site, here, for more design goodness.

happy friday and happy weekend ahead friends! what are you up to? i'm literally swamped with a giant paper due ( but hey, it's my last one of my graduate degree before the thesis so yeah for that!) but in between, and as i pull my head out and away from the computer screen, i hope to sip some wine, get outside and start to take in the little bit of spring that is springing up around me. have a good one yourself ok? enjoy!

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