Friday, April 26, 2013

kick up your feet. it's friday!

this is a hip, hip hooray it's friday post, a blog shout out post, and an i love the photography coming out of this blog post. bekka palmer rocks it...
check out her blog, her wanderings, her tattly magic maker self, here. (she's the production overlord (her title ;) of tattly temporary tattoos too!)

and on that note, yes! kick your feet up. you deserve it friends! what are you up to this weekend? i'd love to hear. i'm heading to the city, boston that is. to reflect on the areas i love that have been touched in ways other worldly. after that reflection, i'm going to support some of my favorite local businesses affected by the recent craziness. i'll drink wine in some of them, try on clothing in some of them, take a few photographs and most especially...remember why i love that fact that i was born just outside of my favorite city in the world.

it's also my dad's birthday today, although he passed away one year ago in may. so to him and for him, i will be raising my glass. i will be remembering why i love him so much. and why i miss him so much. happy birthday dad...enjoy.

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