Friday, April 19, 2013

friday & boston.

i, as well as some other boston area bloggers are having trouble maintaining the status quo on posting or posting as if nothing is going on to or in the city that we love. i find my sleeping is off, my thoughts are anxious and everywhere. i suppose that's to be expected.
i could write more but i feel that if i did, i'd never stop. i hope this weekend you are safe, you are staying hopeful and finding some sort of peace and sense of normal, especially if you are in my part of the world. i hope that this weekend brings better news, better feelings. try to breathe, look at the stars, wrap up with people you love and talk sweetly to each other. enjoy...

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StagerLinda said...

So many of us that are in the safe place are feeling angst over the misery you are enduring. I can't imagine living in this horror. Please know that you are truly in my thought and prayers. So many of us are grateful for being safe but projecting ourselves into our world being rock like yours has surely been.