Monday, March 25, 2013

monday & the silo lamp.

happy monday friends! i hope your weekend was fantastic. i've been hanging out with my son while we are both on our spring breaks from courses. i've been eating way too much. picking his eclectic musical brain for new listens & likes and laughing alot in between. i think it was all much needed for both of us...so yeah, a great week and weekend happened ;)

i wanted to share with you today these silo pendants lamps. i love them for spring. but really i love them for all year long...
note design studio is who has 'em. these are curious little lights in that they are simplistic in design but certainly hold their own unique character outwardly.

isn't it amazing how many takes of shapes you can come up with. just when you think you you've exhausted all of the possibilities? enjoy!

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