Tuesday, March 5, 2013

mater. ethical living.

if one of the things you enjoy about design or purchasing designed pieces is its commitment to sustainable ways, materials and just an honest approach to keeping it real, to keeping it local or at least supporting local, then you'll really like this company, mater and the product line it offers. here are a few of my current favorites...
so this is what they do. mater and founder henrik marstrand specifically approach materials and design like this. they understand that some products have a "small environmental bearing" while others "consume finite resources in vast quantities." so they avoid that.

mater focuses on ethical criteria's while "creating sensual, timeless and durable pieces." and you just can't get much better than that. that sense and sensibility is to be applauded and supported. at least i think so. plus, when a company like mater, with a fabulous product line supporting an amazing outlook is combined? bonus! enjoy...

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