Monday, March 4, 2013

happy monday & bright beads lights.

hey for this monday friends! i hope you had a really great weekend too! i'm still with computer problems but am managing to have fun this week with a few posts on borrowed computers.

today i wanted to share with you this amazing line of lighting, bright beads, offered up by marz. they are wooden, they are handcrafted in an amazing way and they are yours. if you want them...i do!
what's even more cool about these lights, other than the fact that they are just plain gorgeous mind you, is that they are crafted from fsc timbers and you can (well, they...) will construct your very own light (or lights should you desire bunches of these) with a combination of styles, wooden beads and personal lengths to boot!

so what's not to love. and i like this monday so far. i woke up to a beautiful sunrise. the sun is still out. and that my friends can just about make my day.

i hope you too are feeling good about this monday. ;) enjoy...

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