Wednesday, March 6, 2013

georgiana's pillows.

so most of you know by now about my pillow problem. the fact that i could literally have a year's supply stored away somewhere in my home, in some sort of pillow closet, to change pillows out every. single. day. there's that many very cool & beautiful & unusual pillows out there. and pillows can offer your couch, a chair, your bed, an instant facelift.

i discovered these pillows, handmade by georgiana paraschiv, as my latest addition to my pillow problem.
georgiana's inspiration comes from simple shapes, complex designs & unusual color combinations. they're graphic, they're not, they're fun and they're like little puffy pieces of art.

these 3 were only a few of my favorites. georgiana sells a whole bunch more over at society 6. go there, here, and have a look. if you don't already have a pillow problem like me, you're probably about to start ;) enjoy...

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