Wednesday, March 27, 2013

debi treloar's photos.

good (late) morning! i'm floating along this morning after getting home late from class last night. and i have alot to do today so another cup of coffee is probably in order ;)

i wanted to share the photography work of debi treloar with you today. sfgirlbybay's blog featured her here, and her official website is here. what draws me to teloar's work is the way in which she captures spaces as they sit. as they are. the quietness of them. the quiet life of them.
originally from zimbabwe, treloar states that she is constantly inspired, by people, spaces & places. that she's never bored. for me, viewing her work is as if i've been left as the only person on the planet for just a little while. and i can roam around and peek into any interior that i want. and enjoy it however i want. whenever i want. i love that!

i hope your mid~week wednesday is starting out a little more productive than mine so far! i'm off to get more coffee...enjoy.

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